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Forbidden Reduex

Phaityl, Jan 16, 10 10:49 AM.
Please take a moment to read our home page as there have been some subtle changes made to the guild format.

Welcome to Forbidden, one of Hyboria’s most exclusive brothels,  a house of “ill repute” providing entertainment for gatherings or private affairs through out the 3 kingdoms. Whether hosting lavish parties in exotic locations, attending events sponsored by other guilds or more private affairs.

What we are:

Publicly we are a fully functioning brothel. Yet we are so much more. With a dark and seedy underside dealing in black market goods, the trade of information, and the influence of  men or women of import through out the realm.

A heavy RP guild focused on story development for our members as well as cross guild RP.

What we are Looking for in Members: 

We are currently recruiting females of all races who are willing to sell their flesh for entertainment and provide our clients with an experience they will not soon forget. We are seeking the finest Hyboria has to offer, beautiful and seductive (yet far from helpless and demur).

As this is an “adult” oriented guild we are looking for female characters who are comfortable with this aspect. We will RP as courtesans and all that comes with that role. Each character will decide what “level” of comfort they have will be free to set their own parameters. We are not attempting to create a guild for cyber sex but a guild that deals with this aspect Howard’s vision in the Conan stories. All RP is expected to be “in character” and in context of the time in which it is occurring. If you are uncomfortable with sexuality and the discussion of those aspects of human nature this is not the guild for you.

The Role of Males:

Forbidden is currently seeking stout warriors and hired swords for protection of our courtesans. Men wise in the ways of statecraft, religion and the use of magic. They will serve as council to the madam and her officers and spy’s in the houses forbidden to the females of the realm. Of course, loyal and devout servants, slaves to the madam and her officers.

Male characters will be permitted in Forbidden in the following forms:

Bodyguard/Protector: To travel with the madam and her officers or to escort a courtesan to her appointments. (Note: in truth the ladies of the evening require little protecting however, one must keep up appearances *wicked grin*)

Council/Spies: Some bastions of political and religious influence are “off limits” to females of the realm. As it is our intention to be brokers of information we must have eyes and ears everywhere. These men will also acts as advisors to the madam and her officers.

Slaves/Servants: A slaves roll would include errand running, acting as a sales man (pimp), and helping the girls in there preparations for a nights entertaining. Only the Madam and her officers will permitted ownership of slaves, however a few slaves will be utilized to help care for all the females of the house.

A male characters may fill one or many of these roles.

The council, advice or words of wisdom of our male characters will be weighed and considered sincerely however, the Madam will make all final decisions and ALL members of Forbidden will be expected to be in agreement with that decision.

To our Clientele:

Forbidden is the home of all that you desire. A provider of rare and delicate treats, flavors from all corners of the realm. Women who desire to please the senses and take you to heights undreamed of.

Guild leaders planning an event and need to book entertainment? Perhaps you need information from a rival? or perhaps you need him ‘distracted’?

We will RP as a fully functioning brothel. Each party will define the parameters of what they are comfortable with and these parameters will be adhered to and accepted by both parties.

A few notes of import:

1. Minors are NOT permitted membership in this guild nor are they to RP with this guild. A guild member found to be a minor will be booted immediately. A minor engaging in RP with this guild will be ’black listed’ and placed on ignore list (plus I might call you mom).

2. The nature of this guild is adult and therefore all members are expected to act as adults. Be respectful of the players around you at all times. There will be no ERP tolerated in any public forum (that includes guild chat, global, group-unless all members in group are participating or say-unless your at an orgy…. joking ). Any attendance at a public event where non RP players are present or RP players who are not participating in an organized event any communication in a public channel will be kept at an appropriate level.

5. Keep in mind you are representing every member of the guild when you carry a guild tag. As such you actions will have repercussions on your guild mates and the RP community in general. Be respectful and use common sense so that we can all enjoy our time in Hyboria.

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